Passenger Controllers

Passenger ControllerThe coachsound PCU430 seat-back controller has been specifically designed for long life and resistance to damage .

This has been achieved through the use of Hi-Impact ABS plastics and innovative touch-sensitive buttons that replace the mechanical buttons typically found on other systems.

Another key feature is the replaceable headphone socket which can be easily be removed when worn or damaged.

An auto-dimming dual-digit display shows the currently selected channel and the touch-buttons are back-lit for ease-of-use at night. The display can also flash momentarily before each commentary to alert passengers to put on their


  • Backlit touch-button controls;

  • Auto-dimming display;

  • Touch sensitive keypad - no mechanical buttons that can break;

  • Replaceable 3.5mm stereo headphone socket;

  • Display can flash before commentaries to gain passengers attention;

  • Injection moulded Hi-impact ABS for strength and resistance to damage;

  • Neutral dark-grey colour as standard (other colors on request);

  • Suits installation into seats or walls;

  • PCU42 network compatible.