The SoundServer

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The coachsound ® SoundServer consists of a central head-unit to which dual microphones can be connected. Along with the SoundServers' integrated storage for thousands of music tracks you can optionally connect other external audio systems such as DVD and CD-shuttles. The integrated music and any connected audio sources are then converted to a high quality digital audio signal. This digital signal is then transmitted to each seat-based passenger controller via the PCU42 network.

Using the integrated USB2.0 connection and a personal computer, upload and sort all music into genre 'zones' on the SoundServer. Each zone will play on a separate passenger controller channel in random play order. With the optional output adapter fitted to the SoundServer, up to 5 stereo music zones can be sent to external audio systems. This can replace up to 5 separate CD-shuttles!

Dual microphones with individual PCU channels are provided as standard. One channel offers a selectable VOX voice override function that allows the driver to interrupt all audio channels for important journey information. If the VOX option is turned off, this microphone is still be available on its own PCU channel.

A simple control panel built into the SoundServer head-unit allows microphone volume levels, VOX sensitivity and other connected audio systems' volume levels to be equalized across all PCU audio channels. It also allows the VOX option to be turned on or off.


  • Increased Revenue by attracting customers with your 'airline' style products,

  • Maximized investment in your existing audio equipment by utilizing them 100% of the time,

  • Repeat Customers because your service is better than the rest,

  • Market advantage by providing a unique service compared to the competition,

  • Increased revenue by gaining more market share due to your extra value-add services,

  • Happier passengers by keeping them entertained during their long journey.


  • Passenger controllers for each seat provides volume, channel and headphone socket,

  • Integrated memory storage can hold thousands of music tracks,

  • Divide music into different genres that random play on separate headphone channels,

  • Integrated control panel allows audio volume equalization of audio channels,

  • 10 x Sstereo headphone channels plus two dedicated microphone channels,

  • 3 x Stereo inputs allows connection of DVD, CD-shuttles, iPod...

  • Voice activated microphone override across all other channels,

  • USB connection for easy update of on-board music,

  • CD quality audio on all channels,

  • Smaller than most CD shuttles,

  • Dual PCU42 compliant ports.



- Internal music storage

- Connections for other audio

- Dual microphone inputs

- USB connection


Passenger Controller

- Vandal resistant

- Touch sensitive buttons

- Auto-dimming display

- Channel and volume selector

- Replaceable headphone sockets