The Tourmaster

The Coachsound Tourmaster-lite ('the Lite') is a single stereo channel GPS triggered commentary system that can be played through your vehicles existing radio conveying consistent journey information for your passengers every time.

The Lite uses your existing vehicles audio system by playing your tour commentaries on the FM radio!

GPS tracking is integrated into the unit and automatically plays the tour commentaries in the correct places every time.

All commentaries are stored on the unit and are readable/updatable on any PC with a USB connection.


  • Increased safety by allowing the driver to concentrate on driving, not commentaries,

  • Decreased costs by eliminating the need to employ foreign speaking guides,

  • Increased revenue by attracting more tourists to your unique service,

  • Market advantage by providing a premium service compared to the competition,

  • Increased market presence by offering state-of-the-art services.


  • No passenger controllers required - therefore no headphones to hand out - perfect for hop-on, hop-off or the smaller tour vehicles.

  • In-built FM transmitter allows the existing vehicles audio system to easily tune into the unit (commentary comes over the speakers)

  • USB connection allows easy update of commentary content,

  • Driver control panel to select and activate different tours,

  • Powerful GPS tracking rules (such as heading) allow correct playback of commentaries at the correct locations,



- Single channel stereo system (2 mono)

- GPS Triggered commentary

- Ability to select from up to 10 languages

- Plays through your radio

- Multiple journey routes on one unit