Bus Stop Announcer

Customer Information system

The Coachsound Bus Stop Announcer is a simple and easy to use system that uses GPS to trigger audio announcements such as the "Next Stop". You choose the distance from the stop you want the announcement to be made as you approach.

The system uses your vehicles own audio system to make the announcements through the vehicles existing speakers!

GPS tracking is integrated into the unit and automatically makes the announcements in the correct place every time.

You can record multiple journey routes all on one unit.

All announcements are stored on the unit and are readable/updateable on any PC with a USB connection.

Bus Stop Announcer
Was That My Stop - Bus Stop Announcer

Was that my stop?

The most common complaint we hear from passengers is they missed the stop they needed to get off at. This can happen for various reasons such as:

  • New destination routes the passenger is not familiar with
  • It is dark and they cannot see
  • They were doing something else, talking, reading, texting

These days we all have busy lives and are time poor, we rely on public transport to get us where we need to be on time. We have less time and need to be more places, ie work, sport, gym, children, holidays, sightseeing, movies with friends, dinner dates, shopping etc.

Missing a stop can be a big inconvenience, it can throw out your schedule and cause frustration as you have to try and work out how to get back to where you needed, and you may miss your event.


  • Increased safety by allowing the driver to concentrate on driving by reducing the need for passenger interruptions.
  • Fully GPS automated once set up, no further input from the driver needed apart from turning the system on and selecting the route.
  • Increased passenger satisfaction by keeping them informed so they know when their stop is approaching.
  • Assists visually impaired passengers
  • Improved visitor holiday experience with a communication system that makes independent travel easy
  • Easy to use and update software that interacts with google maps, you can set up the stop announcements from your office or while on the road
  • Give your passengers the reassurance of knowing when their stop is approaching so they can ensure they can get off at the right stop