The TourMaster

GPS Multi Channel / Language Commentary System

The Coachsound ® TourMaster system consists of a central head-unit to which the GPS antennae, drivers control panel, microphones and other external audio sources such as DVD players and iPads are connected. These connected audio sources, along with the multi-lingual tour commentary and music storage integrated within the TourMaster, is converted to a high quality digital audio signal. This digital signal is then transmitted to each seat-based passenger controller via the PCU42 network.

Passenger Controller
Passenger Controller
  • Vandal resistant
  • Touch sensitive buttons
  • Auto-dimming display
  • Channel and volume selector
  • Replaceable headphone sockets
Passenger Controller

Powerful GPS tracking software developed by Coachsound is used by the TourMaster to automatically play over 20 simultaneous multi-lingual commentaries. Each commentary can also be preceded by an audio chime and a flashing seat-back controller to prompt passengers to put on their headphones.

Along with audio commentary channels, up to 10 stereo music channels can be stored on the TourMaster to give passengers even more choice. This "Juke-Box" mode allows music channels of different genres to play on their own headphone channel.

Dual microphone inputs (with selectable voice override) allow the driver to interrupt all channels if required. Also, an on-board guide can also have their own dedicated headphone channel for giving live commentary.

An audio output allows any channel on the unit to also be present at this output. This can allow, for example, a language channel to also come over the vehicle speakers!

Three auxiliary audio inputs allow the connection of external audio sources such as your Tour-specific DVD to further enhance your customers experience.

Passenger Controller


  • Increased safety by allowing the driver to concentrate on driving, not commentaries,
  • Decreased costs by eliminating the need to employ foreign speaking guides,
  • Increased revenue by attracting more foreign speaking tourists to your service,
  • Market advantage by providing a unique service compared to the competition,
  • Decreased costs by combining nationalities and having full coaches on the road,
  • Increased market presence by offering state-of-the-art services.


  • Passenger controllers for each seat provides volume, channel and headphone socket,
  • GPS tracking autonomously plays commentaries without driver intervention,
  • On-board storage holds all commentaries and audio entertainment,
  • 1 x Audio output can connect to the vehicles speaker sound system,
  • 2 x Microphone inputs with switchable voice override across all other channels,
  • 3 x Audio inputs that have their own separate headphone channels,
  • Drivers control panel allows manual override of commentary and system options,
  • USB connection for easy update of commentary and entertainment via PC,
  • Set-and-forget design with plenty of room for expansion
Passenger Controller