The Maestro

Central processor that connects multiple devices and distributes audio on separate channels to personal seat controllers

The Coachsound Maestro allows you to plug in multiple devices such as an iPad, CD's, DVD's into a central unit which are then distributed to individual audio seat controllers for the passenger to select the channel and volume. The system has dual microphone inputs.

With all audio systems connected, your passengers will have a choice of personal entertainment, not just what happens to be playing at the time through the existing coach speakers.

You also have the ability to interrupt all audio channels with the drivers microphone to announce important information.

Currently it is being used on both short and long-haul journeys.

The Maestro The Maestro
The Maestro


  • Increased safety by allowing the driver to concentrate on driving, not having to manually select and change passenger audio,
  • Enhanced customer experience - take the guesswork out for the driver/tour guide in playing something suitable to all. Leave it in the hands of the individual passengers to decide,
  • Increased revenue by providing great entertainment and generating referrals and repeat business,
  • Market advantage by providing the best entertainment possible to customers,
  • Increased market presence by offering state-of-the-art services,
  • Improved efficiency - no need to spend time switching devices as all audio integrated into the one central unit.


  • Connect up to 16 external mono or 8 external stereo audio sources such as iPad, DVD, CD etc,
  • Dual microphone inputs,
  • Selectable VOX override on drivers' microphone channel,
  • Individual input gain controls to equalise channel volume,
  • Digital circuitry keeps original audio quality,
  • 44.1 kHz/16-bit sampling of all audio channels,
  • RCA connectors for easy installation of other audio sources (DVD, etc),
  • Set and forget design with plenty of room for expansion.
The Maestro