Product Overview

The TourMaster

Designed to meet the needs of the ever-growing tourism coach and bus market, the TourMaster provides the ultimate solution for all your tour commentary requirements.

Offering personal headphones with individual controllers at every seat allows you to offer tour commentaries in multiple simultaneous languages.

GPS tracking selects and plays the correct commentaries in the correct places every time and relieves the driver from tedious and typically unreliable manual operation.

By providing up-beat, studio recorded commentaries - you will maintain legibility, consistency and quality with all your tour products.

Also load music tracks onto the TourMaster - let your passengers enjoy some music in between the tour commentaries.

  • GPS Tracking
  • Multi-lingual commentary
  • Audio at every seat
  • Microphone inputs for guides

The TourMaster-Lite

This system provides the ultimate solution for all your tour commentaries and also all types of stop and next-stop announcements for buses, trams, trains and water-craft.

GPS tracking selects and plays the correct commentary or message in the correct places every time and relieves the driver from tedious and typically unreliable manual operation.

No need to hand out headphones - this system uses the existing vehicle's FM radio tuner to faithfully play all you commentaries and messages over the cabin speakers.

Perfect for when handing out headphones to passengers is impractical such as with hop-on, hop-off city tours or on water craft.

  • Single channel stereo system (2 mono)
  • GPS Triggered commentary
  • Plays through the existing radio / PA system
  • Multiple journey routes on one unit
  • Stores multiple languages or can play successive languages

The Maestro

The Coachsound Maestro allows you to plug in multiple devices such as an iPad, CD's, DVD's into a central unit which are then distributed to individual audio seat controllers for the passenger to select the channel and volume.

You will no longer need to waste time worrying about switching from one system to another, making sure the levels on each one is correct, because they will all be under the command of the Maestro.

Keep your passengers interested and entertained on short and long journeys to contribute to a memorable experience.

  • Central processor for multiple audio devices
  • Up to 16x mono or 8x stereo channels
  • Audio at every seat
  • Dual microphone inputs

Bus Stop Announcer

The Coachsound Bus Stop Announcer is a simple and easy to use system that uses GPS to trigger audio announcements such as the Next Stop. You choose the distance on approach you want the announcement made and how often.

The system uses your existing vehicles audio system to make the announcements through the vehicle speakers!

Bus Stop Announcer
  • GPS Triggered Announcements
  • Plays through your radio
  • Multiple journey routes on one unit

RouteBuilder Software
TourMaster, TourMaster-Lite, Bus Stop Announcer

Create all your tour routes, add GPS waypoints for you points of interest and store - single or multi language commentary in one easy to use solution.

  • Simple and easy to use software
  • Flexibility to make changes anytime
  • Create your tour routes from your laptop
  • Click a button on a map to add your GPS waypoints (interacts with Google Maps)
  • Option to add GPS waypoints when on-road
  • Store your personalised commentary files for each point of interest
RouteBuilder Software

Quality Guarantee

Our products are manufactured in Australia and undergo rigorous quality testing and control procedures. The head units are conformally coated for increased durability and weather resistance. This ensures consistent high-quality audio even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

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